Mango-Apricot BBQ Chicken Breast with Watermelon Salad

chicken breast with bbw sauce and a watermelon salad

Eating healthy has never felt this good! Lately, I’ve been trying new low-carb recipes and I’m loving it! ❤️ Using my cast iron grill pan, I grilled a skinless piece …

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Creamy Hummus with Black Garlic

hummus with black garlic

Have you tried black garlic? My dudes, it’s mind blowing 🤯 Black garlic will def knock your sock off! It’s like eating candy but… you know.. It’s garlic. Ok just …

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No Cream Creamy Pasta

Gnochi in garlic sauce with cheese on top

Want creamy pasta but don’t want the damn calories❓ I got ya, fam! I saw this recipe on #tiktok and I had to try it… Bruh! I’ve made it twice already! It’s …

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