Pancakes with Caramelized apples, Chicharron and Maple syrup Greek Yogurt

Memorial Day weekend pancakes! Gotta honor our heroes and she-roes right!

Heroes & She-roes Pancakes: Caramelized apples, Chicharrón, Maple syrup Greek yogurt (I came up with this yummy substitute instead of adding heavy calories from mascarpone cheese or whipped cream), but you do you! ⁠

🍎Caramelized apples: slice an apple, coat slices with cinnamon powder, brown sugar, vanilla extract, pinch of salt. Cook in butter on a skillet over medium heat. About 1 minute per side or until you get that delicious caramel on both sides.⁠

🐽Chicharrón: you’ll need a chunk or a thick slice of pork belly (without skin), season with salt and toss in flour, dust excess flour off and fry in hot oil. Once it’s crispy on all sides, drain excess oil in a paper towel, season with more salt immediately after frying and chop it up. ⁠

🍯Maple syrup Greek yogurt: mix plain Greek yogurt with maple syrup 😊 ⁠

🥞Stack your pancakes, dress them up with all the goodies and serve with maple syrup on the side 😚 ENJOY! 

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