Welcome to my kitchen!

My fire recipes are easy to make so you can kill it in your own kitchen!

Here’s a little bit about me:

I am a Latina (born in Colombia) who went to culinary school in Toronto and worked several years behind the line. A few years back, I moved to Miami where I took a new direction with my career and followed a hidden interest, marketing. While enjoying my new adventure, I kept thinking about my love for food and decided to use social media to blend both passions.

Right there and then, @onehungrychica was born intending to help people discover good restaurants in Miami as well as sharing my recipes with those who love to cook. Whether it’s exploring new flavors mastering your delicious meal at home, or spending your hard earned money wisely visiting a new restaurant. One Hungry Chica wants to help guide you, inspire you and celebrate with you!

If you want to enjoy a virtual coffee with me or have a question about a recipe or product, please don’t be shy! Send me an email at [email protected] or follow me on social @onehungrychica and send me a DM!

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– Xoxo, Yuly.

Yuly - smiling lady sitting in a restaurant patio hiding a plate of sushi
Yuly- smiling lady staring in her own kitchen after cooking seafood pasta