Dalgona Whipped Coffee

DON’T THREATEN ME WITH A GOOD TIME! Jumped on the Whipped Coffee bandwagon, fam 😬 It’s extremely easy to make and very yummy! No wonder why it has become so trendy. I used Zulay Kitchen’s BossMilk Frother and I know I’m repping hard. What can I say…? A good product is a good product. Use code ONEHUNGRYCHICA15 to get 15% off and GET IT HERE. As an alternative, you can use a mixer or whisk and make this frothy coffee part of your arm day 💪🏼

☕️ Add 2 tbsp each of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. Mix using a frother, whisk or electric mixer until you get a silky and smooth consistency (You can really go at it and make it extra fluffy, if desired). Spoon over milk with ice and stir. ENJOY!